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Welcome to the E&PSE research group

Clean air, a society running on renewable energy, clean efficient production, recycling of resources after use, a diverse biosphere protected for the future: these are some of our aims. As a small research group in Africa’s most successful university-based Chemical Engineering department, we contribute to these aims by:

  1. Training the next generation of academics, researchers and top end consultants through PhD and MSc research;
  2. Generating and publishing new knowledge through critical research and scholarship;
  3. Questioning unsustainable practices and supporting sustainable development in the real world, by making our knowledge and research products accessible and adoptable.


Monday, 21 May 2018
PhD thesis and new PhD graduate, Rissa Niyobuhungiro

Dear Chemical Engineering, social infrastructures, ACC and ERC academic colleagues, 
It gives us great pleasure to announce of a fully approved PhD thesis and new PhD graduate, Rissa Niyobuhungiro: “Investigation of the applicability of a cleaner production approach to road side catering in urban Africa” 

Rissa will be awarded of her Phd during the UCT graduation ceremony on 3rd April.

In Rissa’s words:
“One thing I learned  from this research  is that poverty is real and those who live in poverty can perform even better in improving their lives if they get a little support from those who had the opportunity  to education.”

Title page and abstract can be found here

Publication Date:
Friday, March 2, 2018 - 12:15