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Caterers Project

Under the banner of Technology Deployment for Sustainable Urban Development (TD4SUD), this is a project with the focus on informal caterers in townships who burn wood treated with Copper, Chromium and Arsenic (CCA) for cooking purposes. This cooking tends to happen in densely populated area, such as transport interchanges making the exposure risk high and prevalent. The aims are primarily to... more >

Evaluation of the Biomethane potential of different types of organic wastes in Cape Town

This was an exploratory study, involving both sample collection at points of waste generation, and laboratory work, generously hosted by CeBER. The main objective was to develop an understanding of the range of organic wastes available in Cape Town, and what their key properties are if they are to be considered for energy recovery via anaerobic digestion. A secondary objective... more >

Marine Plastic Pollution 

 The waste associated with packaging has been an environmental concern for many decades, with plastic of major concern due to accumulation in the natural environment if not disposed properly after use. In particular, the increasing accumulation of plastic in the marine environment has been gaining in importance globally. However, the environmental impacts associated with leakage are not taken into consideration under current life cycle based approaches, despite packaging being a major application area of life cycle assessment. This presents a critical limitation during the life cycle management of products destined for regions where they are likely to be dumped or littered. more >