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All completed dissertations listed here should be available on the OpenUCT site.


Doctoral dissertations

T. Chitaka: “Inclusion of Leakage into Life Cycle Management of Products Involving Plastic as a Material Choice”; PhD, 2020.

L. Naik: “An investigation of the potential and limitations of small-scale biogas in urban Africa”, PhD, 2019.

P. Masilela: “Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Next Generation Energy Infrastructure in Africa: Is there a case for Biohydrogen after Biomethane?” PhD, 2018.

R. Niyobuhungiro: “Investigation of the applicability of a cleaner production approach to road side catering in urban Africa”, PhD, 2017.

R. Niyobuhungiro: “Investigation of the applicability of a cleaner production approach to road side catering in urban Africa”, PhD, 2017.

S. Jones: “Sustainability in algal biodiesel production”, 2015; co-supervised.

R. Melamu: “Waste-based bioenergy in Africa: Operationalizing technology innovation systems analysis to go beyond assessments of potential”, PhD, 2014.

B. Amigun, “Processing Cost Analysis of the African Biofuels Industry with Special Reference to Capital Cost Estimation Techniques”; 2008, supervised by H. von Blottnitz.

C. Nissing: “Creative deployment of technology in urban planning for sustainable energy use and supply in a South-North comparison”, 2007, supervised by H. von Blottnitz

J. Broadhurst: “Planning for Closure: The Role of Effective Waste Characterisation and Environmental Impact Predictions for Solid Mineral Wastes”, 2007, supervised by J.G. Petrie and H. von Blottnitz

B. Cohen: “Cement Based Solidification of Ferro-Alloy Wastes”, 1996; supervised by J.G. Petrie

J. Petersen: “Generation of Cr(VI) Pollutants through Atmospheric Oxidation”, 1997, supervised by J.G. Petrie

P. Notten: “Life Cycle Inventory Uncertainty in Resource-Based Industries - A Focus on Coal-Based Power Generation”, 1998, supervised by J.G. Petrie

M. Stewart: “Environmental Life Cycle Considerations for Design-related Decision Making in Mineral Processing”, 1999, supervised by J.G. Petrie

A. Dustan: “An Integrated Model of Precipitation of Base Metal Hydroxides and Suspension De-watering”, 2001, supervised by J.G. Petrie


Masters dissertations

J. Harrison: From the constructs and methods of the philosophers to a model for improved discourse between disciplines; M.Phil. 2020.

M. Kluger, “How sustainability transitions in energy are transforming the built environment of South African cities”. UIDM MPhil, 2019.

L. Tumbama, An exploration of lived experiences of 12 resettled families in Mazabuka district, Zambia, by a Nickel mine project; M.Phil., 2019.

C. Beavon, The South African Mining Industry as a Driver of Green Growth in a Low-Carbon Economy? A study of Sustainable Development Goals 7 and 13; M.Phil., 2019.

B. Nagel, An Update on the Process Economics of Biogas in South Africa Based on Observations from Recent Installations, MSc.Eng. 2019

S. Carolissen: An Investigation into increased productivity of small scale anaerobic digesters by means of temperature management, M.Sc.Eng., 2018

C. Rodseth: End-of-Life in South African Product Life Cycle Assessment, MSc.Eng., 2018.

L. de Kock; Carbon intensive but decarbonizing quickly? Retrospective and Prospective Life Cycle Assessments of South African pome fruit. M.Sc.Eng., 2018.

S. Vidima; Introducing loop-closure for phosphates into a provincial development strategy: an analysis of overlaps of primary and secondary phosphate processing technologies; M.Phil., 2018.

S. Kato: Contributions of a minerals industry cluster to sustainable development: a case study on human and social capital in Richards Bay, South Africa, M.Phil., 2017.

V. Munyongani, “Can life cycle assessment inform design decision making in the minerals industry: case studies on waste gas treatment in platinum mines”; M.Phil., 2016

N. Malanda: “An investigation of improvements to electrochemical precipitation of struvite from source separated urine”; M.Sc., 2016

M. Sikosana: “A technological, economic and social exploration of phosphate recovery from centralised sewage treatment in a transitioning economy context “; MSc, 2015.

T. Magezi: “An Investigation of the Imbalance of a Fast-growing Consumer Culture and Insufficient Waste Management Infrastructure across a number of Sub-Saharan African Cities”; MSc, 2015.

P. Hoekman, “Urban scale material flow analysis in a South African context: A Cape Town feasibility study”; M.Phil., 2015.

C. Kunene: “LCA of xanthate production and its use in acid-preventative processing of sulphide tailings”; MSc, 2015, co-supervised.

T. Chitaka: “Sustainability performance analysis and decision-making for minerals beneficiation: a South African iron and steel scrap case study”, M.Phil., 2015

K. Getz: “Exploring the impacts of shale gas development on US cities: A case study on Pittsburgh and Philadelphia”; UID&M M.Phil., 2014.

S. Piaget: “Greenhouse Gas Intensity of South Africa’s Production and Consumption”; MSc, 2013.

M. Gravenor: “Food Sustainability at UCT”; MSc specialising in Climate Change and Sustainable Development, 2013.

M. Rose: “Packaging and sustainability: A study of a liquid paperboard pack”; MSc, 2013.

M. Robinson: The role of social capital in the design and management of waste-to-energy anaerobic digestion infrastructure; UIDM MPhil,2013

T. Nasterlack: “Environmental and Social Dimensions of Fuel Ethanol Production in Cradock, South Africa, in the Context of the Wider Biofuels Debate”; MSc (co-supervised), 2013

C. Trautmann: “Investigation of the Use of Biogas in a Gas Hob and the Feasibility of Upgrading it on a Household Scale”, MSc, 2012.

S. Royden-Turner: “From Eradication to Intervention: Urban Informal Ecosystem”; UIDM MPhil, 2012.

J. Dick: “An Investigation of Carbon Footprint Reductions Achievable in Cape Town Social Housing Considering Rebound Effects”, MSc, 2012.

I. Dalwai, “A Comparison of Technical and Environmental Merits of Producing Bio-Ethanol and Bio-Methane from Waste Paper Sludge”, MSc, 2012.

R. Niyobuhungiro: “An investigation of CCA-treated wood in informal caterers’ fuel stocks and related airborne arsenic in the Cape Town region”; MSc, 2012.

J. Becker: Supply Chain Network Optimisation to Determine the Optimum Processing Method for Biodiesel Production; MSc, 2012.

G. Munganga: “Bioprocessing Technologies for Municipal Solid Waste in African Cities”, MSc, 2012.

L. Chiloane: “Solar Energy in the Minerals Processing Industry: Identifying the first opportunities”, MSc, 2012.

N. Eleftheriades: “Biodiesel Production via Reactive Distillation with a focus on Methanol Efficiency”, MSc, 2011

C. Ras: “Interventions in Large Inland Industrial Complexes to Improve Environmental Sustainability”, MSc, 2011

P. Wijtenburg: “A Systems Analysis of the Plastics Recycling Industry in the Greater City of Cape Town to Understand the Drivers of Growth”, MBA, 2011.

L. Sibanda: “Sustainable development as a threshold concept: An investigation into chemical engineering students’ knowledge”, M.Phil. (co-supervised), 2011.

L. Malla:”Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Cost of Energy From Biogas: A Techno-Economical Analysis of Co-Digestion Of Three Types of Waste”, MSc (co-supervised), 2011.

E. Julius, “A critique of biodiesel standards:  Investigating the influence of standards on small scale producers and users in South Africa”; MSc, 2010.

M. Guma: “Developing Minerals Processing Flowsheets for Eco-Efficiency: A Systems Approach”; MSc, 2010.

K. Mason-Jones: “Flows and Fates of Cadmium in the City of Cape Town”; MSc, 2010.

A. Kasozi, “Applications of Systems Thinking in Integrated Solid Waste Management Planning for African Cities: The case of Nairobi, Kenya” MSc, 2010.

T. Letete: “Multiobjective modelling of biofuel supply systems”, MSc, 2009.

S. Dowling, MSc 2009, co-supervised

N. Alcock: Appropriate Technology for Reuse of Sludge Emanating from South African Cities; MPhil (UID&M), 2009.

S. deVilliers-Leach: MPhil (UID&M), 2009.

R. Melamu: “Hydrogen as an Energy Product from Agriculturally Produced Sugars and Starches in South Africa”; MSc, June 2008

T. Maidza: “Development of a Rapid Laboratory Predictive Method Using Fluidised Bed Techniques for the Determination of the Oxidisability of Residual Cr(III) in Slags” , MSc, 2006.

J. Reddick: “Cleaner Production in the S.A. Coal Mining Industry”, MSc, 2006.

W. Maluleke: “An Experimental Investigation of Leachate Generation Predictions of Waste from Copper Sulphide Ore Processing”, MSc. 2006.

J. Cohen: “A Life Cycle Assessment into energy recovery from organic waste: A case study of the Water Treatment Facility of SABMiller Newlands Brewery”, MSc. co-supervised, 2006

Z. Mudondo: "Experimental Verification of the Vapour Liquid Equilibrium Data for the Zinc-Lead System ", M.Sc. Eng, 2003.

T. Botha: "Opportunities to apply recent advances in process design to bioenergy systems: the case of sugar cane processing in Southern Africa", M.Sc. Eng, 2003.

M. Mutsago: “An investigation into the utilisation of used oil as fuel for brickmaking under informal sector conditions”, M.Sc. Eng., 2002.

E. Theka: “A Life Cycle Assessment of Ethanol Produced from Sugarcane Molasses” M.Sc. Eng., 2002.

B. Grünbaum: “The Role of the Western Cape Metal Finishing Association to in Advancing the Cause of Waste Minimisation”; Masters, Copenhagen Business School, 2001, co-supervised.

K. Pillay: “Formation of hexavalent chromium compounds in waste deposits containing trivalent forms: An investigation into mechanism and kinetics of the atmospheric oxidation reaction”, M.Sc. (Appl.Sc.), 2001.

D. van Beers: “Industrial Networks of SMEs in the South African textile and metal finishing sectors”; M.Sc. (Appl. Sc.), 2000.

C. Jänisch: ”An assessment of the potential for waste minimisation in SMEs in the metal finishing industry in South Africa”; M.Sc. (Eng), 2000.

B. Rwodzi: “An investigation into utilisation of used lubricating oils using Life Cycle Assessment”, M.Sc. (Eng), 2000.

P. Forbes: “Application of Life Cycle Assessment in base metals refining”; M.Sc. (Appl.Sc.), 1999, co-supervised.

L. Cairncross: “Simulation of Ionic Precipitation of Metal Hydroxides from Industrial Waste Water”, MSc (Eng), 1998

H. Ballard: “Immobilisation of Copper, Chromium and Arsenic on Stabilised Domestic Refuse”, MSc, 1997

G.M. Davies: “Leachate generation and mobility in hazardous waste containments”, MSc (Eng), 1995

H. von Blottnitz: “Development and Assessment of a Hydrometallurgical Process to Treat Steel Plant Dusts”, MSc (Eng), 1994