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Doctoral dissertations

B. Cohen: “Cement Based Solidification of Ferro-Alloy Wastes”, 1996; supervised by J.G. Petrie
J. Petersen: “Generation of Cr(VI) Pollutants through Atmospheric Oxidation”, 1997, supervised by J.G. Petrie
P. Notten: “Life Cycle Inventory Uncertainty in Resource-Based Industries - A Focus on Coal-Based Power Generation”, 1998, supervised by J.G. Petrie
M. Stewart: “Environmental Life Cycle Considerations for Design-related Decision Making in Mineral Processing”, 1999, supervised by J.G. Petrie
A. Dustan: “An Integrated Model of Precipitation of Base Metal Hydroxides and Suspension De-watering”, 2001, supervised by J.G. Petrie
J. Broadhurst: “Planning for Closure: The Role of Effective Waste Characterisation and Environmental Impact Predictions for Solid Mineral Wastes”, 2007, supervised by J.G. Petrie and H. von Blottnitz
C. Nissing: “Creative deployment of technology in urban planning for sustainable energy use and supply in a South-North comparison”, 2007, supervised by H. von Blottnitz
B. Amigun, “Processing Cost Analysis of the African Biofuels Industry with Special Reference to Capital Cost Estimation Techniques”; 2008, supervised by H. von Blottnitz.

Masters dissertations

H. von Blottnitz: “Development and Assessment of a Hydrometallurgical Process to Treat Steel Plant Dusts”, MSc (Eng), 1994
G.M. Davies: “Leachate generation and mobility in hazardous waste containments”, MSc (Eng), 1995
H. Ballard: “Immobilisation of Copper, Chromium and Arsenic on Stabilised Domestic Refuse”, MSc, 1997
L. Cairncross: “Simulation of Ionic Precipitation of Metal Hydroxides from Industrial Waste Water”, MSc (Eng), 1998
P. Forbes: “Application of Life Cycle Assessment in base metals refining”; M.Sc. (Appl.Sc.), 1999
D. van Beers: “Industrial Networks of SMEs in the South African textile and metal finishing sectors”; M.Sc. (Appl. Sc.), 2000
C. Jänisch: ”An assessment of the potential for waste minimisation in SMEs in the metal finishing industry in South Africa”; M.Sc. (Eng), 2000
B. Rwodzi: “An investigation into utilisation of used lubricating oils using Life Cycle Assessment”, M.Sc. (Eng), 2000
B. Grünbaum: “The Role of the Western Cape Metal Finishing Association to in Advancing the Cause of Waste Minimisation”; Masters thesis accepted at the Copenhagen Business School, 2001
K. Pillay: “Formation of hexavalent chromium compounds in waste deposits containing trivalent forms: An investigation into mechanism and kinetics of the atmospheric oxidation reaction”, M.Sc. (Appl.Sc.), 2001
M. Mutsago: “An investigation into the utilisation of used oil as fuel for brickmaking under informal sector conditions”, M.Sc. Eng., 2002
E. Theka: “A Life Cycle Assessment of Ethanol Produced from Sugarcane Molasses” M.Sc. Eng., 2002
S. Marr: “Environmental Considerations in Base Metals Refining - A focus on Water”, MSc (Eng), 2003
Z. Mudondo: "Experimental Verification of the Vapour Liquid Equilibrium Data for the Zinc-Lead System ", M.Sc. Eng, 2003
T. Botha: "Opportunities to apply recent advances in process design to bioenergy systems: the case of sugar cane processing in Southern Africa", M.Sc. Eng, 2003
T. Maidza: “Development of a Rapid Laboratory Predictive Method Using Fluidised Bed Techniques for the Determination of the Oxidisability of Residual Cr(III) in Slags” , MSc, 2006
J. Reddick: “Cleaner Production in the S.A. Coal Mining Industry”, MSc, 2006
W. Maluleke: “An Experimental Investigation of Leachate Generation Predictions of Waste from Copper Sulphide Ore Processing”, MSc. 2006
R. Melamu: “Hydrogen as an Energy Product from Agriculturally Produced Sugars and Starches in South Africa”; MSc, 2008
T. Letete: “Multiobjective modelling of biofuel supply systems”, MSc, 2009
E. Julius: “A critique of biodiesel standards: Investigating the influence of standards on small scale producers and users in South Africa”; MSc, 2010
M. Guma: “Developing Minerals Processing Flowsheets for Eco-Efficiency: A Systems Approach”; MSc, 2010
K. Mason-Jones: “Flows and Fates of Cadmium in the City of Cape Town”; MSc, 2010
A. Kasozi: "Applications of Systems Thinking in Integrated Solid Waste Management Planning for African Cities: The case of Nairobi, Kenya"; MSc, 2010
N. Eleftheriades, “Biodiesel Production via Reactive Distillation with a focus on Methanol Efficiency”, MSc, 2011
C. Ras, “Interventions in Large Inland Industrial Complexes to Improve Environmental Sustainability”, MSc, 2011
P. Wijtenburg, “A Systems Analysis of the Plastics Recycling Industry in the Greater City of Cape Town to Understand the Drivers of Growth”, MBA thesis 2011.