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Journal Papers & Books

“The TCLP and Its Applicability for the Characterisation of Worst Case Leaching of Wastes from Mining and Metallurgical Operations”: B. Cohen, A.E. Lewis, J. Petersen, H. von Blottnitz, S.C. Drews and S.I. Mahote; Advances in Environmental Research, Vol 3, No. 2, 1999.

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"An overview of the status of Life Cycle Assessment and Engineering research in South Africa"; A.C. Brent, M.B. Rohwer, E. Friedrich and H. von Blottnitz; International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 7 (3), pp. 167-172, 2002.

"Oxidative Ageing of Chromium(III)-Bearing Slag"; K. Pillay, H. von Blottnitz and J. Petersen; Chemosphere; 52/10 pp. 1771-1779, 2003.

“Plant Biomass Conversion to Fuels and Commodity Chemicals in South Africa: A Third Chapter?”; L.R. Lynd, H. von Blottnitz, J. de Boer, B. Tate, I.S. Pretorius, K. Rumbold, and W.H. van Zyl, South African Journal of Science, 99 (11): 499-507 (2003).

"Functionality and Allocation in Multi-Product Metals Refining"; H. von Blottnitz and J.G. Petrie, in Dubreuil A, editor. 2005. Life-cycle assessment of metals: Issues and research directions. Pensacola (FL), USA: Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). 307 p.

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“Environmental analysis of plastic production processes: Comparing petroleum-based polypropylene and polyethylene with biologically-based poly-(F×-hydroxybutyric acid using life cycle analysis”; K.G. Harding, J.S. Dennis, H. von Blottnitz and S.T.L. Harrison; Journal of Biotechnology 130 (1), pp. 57-66, 2007.

“A material flow analysis of wood & paper in Cape Town: is there potential to redirect flows in formal and informal sectors to foster use as a renewable resource?”; C. Nissing and H. von Blottnitz; International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development, 6 (2), pp. 147-156, 2007.

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