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Dr Andrew Marquard

Senior researcher

Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Cape Town
Private Bag
7701 Rondebosch
South Africa


BA (African Politics; UCT); MA (political science; Rhodes); PhD (energy studies; UCT)

Andrew’s  2006 PhD dissertation was on ‘The origins and development of South African energy policy’.

Current research interests and focus areas

Andrew’s current research focuses on energy-related climate change mitigation, as well as South African energy policy and governance, and draws on a wide range of skills, including energy analysis and modelling and policy analysis. He also supervises postgraduate research in energy studies.

Recent publications 

Winkler, Harald, Marquard, Andrew, Montshwanedi, Sandra (2019) Tracking progress, ERC Policy Brief

McCall, B., Burton, J., Marquard, A., Hartley, F., Ahjum, F., Ireland, G., & Merven, B. (2019). Least-cost integrated resource planning and cost-optimal climate change mitigation policy: Alternatives for the South African electricity system.

Winkler, H., Marquard, A., Steleki, M., & Motshwanedi, S. (2018). The balance sheet summary: An essential tool for transparency and robust accounting in mitigation and markets: Policy Brief. Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town

Rennkamp, Britta & Marquard, Andrew (2018). South Africa's multiple faces in current climate clubs, South African Journal of International Affairs.

Winkler, Harald & Marquard, Andrew (2018). Mitigation accounting under the Paris Agreement. ERC research report series. Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town. 

Winkler, H & Marquard, A. (2018), Mitigation accounting under the Paris Agreement: Technical paper. Energy Research Centre, University of Cape Town.